Glenn Davis Valve Solutions, Inc.


Water Distribution System Professionals.

Hot Taps

Hot Taps allow for a new branch connection without shut down of your piping system.  Hot Taps are preformed while your system remains live and under working pressure without any interruption of flow or service.  We preform Hot Taps from 3/4" to 20".  Hot Taps are primarily preformed on carbon, stainless steel, galvanized steel, ductile iron pipe, steel, copper, brass, fiberglass, and other certain specialized materials.  

e-z valve installations

We provide Valve Insertions and line stopping with capabilities from 4" to 12" utilizing the E-Z Valve installation products on cast iron and ductal iron applications.  We provide this service based on an per application basis.  Contact us with your valve insertion needs to ensure our services are right for you.


mechanical & hdpe services

We provide various mechanical, welding, and other related services for the commercial, industrial, and municipal sectors.  

We provide a comprehensive HDPE Pipe Fusing service fusing and installing HDPE pipe in various sizes up to 12". 

Wet Taps

Wet Tap connections are made into water and sewer mains and can be preformed while your system remains live and under working pressure.  Wet Taps allow for a new branch connection without any interruption to flow or service.  We offer Wet Taps from 3/4" to 20".  Wet Taps are generally preformed on cast iron pipe, ductile iron pipe, Transit (ACP), and Polyvinyl chloride and more.  Contact us with questions regarding your wet tap needs.

chlorination services

We offer chlorination services of new or repaired water lines to insure contamination free water.  Our chlorination services are used to help purify water lines prior to placing new or repaired lines into service.  This service is typically preformed at the same time as pressure testing thus utilizing the same main connections.  We offer this service bundled with our other services as well.

core seal services

We provide various types of core drills and seals for manhole pipe penetrations up to 12".  We provide many additional seal services based on the scope of the project as well.  We also perform other necessary masonry services in conjuction with our core seals.


Line stops

Line Stops are a way of stopping flow and providing a temporary shutoff.  Line Stops are used to isolate piping systems or sections for repairs, alterations, or relocations without shutting down a system.  This process serves as a control, or temporary shutoff, that can be removed after all modifications have been completed.  In many cases the fitting left in place during the services can be used at a later date for a re-stop. 

pressure test services

We offer pressure testing services of newly installed or repaired water lines.  Pressure testing insures the integrity of newly installed or repaired water lines, valves, and hydrants are fully functioning and meet standards required by engineers, owners, and local code enforcements for various projects.  We provide this service bundled with our Hot/Wet Tap services as well.

Core drill services

We provide a comprehensive core drilling and saw cutting service for various types of concrete and masonry applications.  Our Core Drilling capabilities range from 1" to 36".  Our saw cutting depths range from 1" to 36".  Please contact us with any of your specialized concrete cutting needs.  We have a vast array of concrete cutting services.